Build any type of directory with the fastest and easiest for wordpress. Create unlimited directory types, our tool also lest you design functionality and features for each of them.
Installation And Setup Price: 160 USD

Create unlimited directory

Comes with power of Wiloke Tools, you can add unlimited directory types to your site. The tool also lets you design functionality and features.


That’s why we give you our promise: Quisque amet consectetur, egestas nulla at nisi cursus, sed iaculis est commodo, nulla lacus aliquet.

Customize directory functionality

Design the fields of each directory type like visual way. Choose between 15 pre-made fields and create your own unlimited custom fields.

Promotions, ads features

Choosing a promotion plan, listing owners will have directories appeared at the special spots on your site and at the top of the search result page.

Advanced rating and reviews

The rating feature is very important in a directory website, and it should be rated in the details. Is the service quality of this hotel good? Should we give 7 points or 10 points about this hotel’s space? With wilcity, you can easily create the rating details for each directory type.

Map template with awesome features

Oh yes, the map template is an indispensable function in the directory website. We added an interested feature to map page: Search as I move the map. If this feature is enabled, the listings will be updated automatically when you move the map.

Perfect customer dashboard

The listing owners can take full control of their business from Customer Dashboard. Here they can upgrade plans, run promotion campains, reply to messages, track the statistics of views, favorites, shares, reviews.