Education system for Learning Management System (LMS) has been specially designed as the perfect solution for your education business and for everyone who wants to create online courses, coaching, and language centers, elearning platforms, and deliver knowledge worldwide.
Installation And Setup Price: 165 USD

MasterStudy LMS Plugin

MasterStudy system comes with the premium version of the LMS WordPress plugin that gives you access to a variety of additional helpful features. With the plugin, the course building process will turn into an enjoyable experience.

Zoom Video Conference Integration

Zoom integration allows you to connect two powerful systems of MasterStudy and Zoom Video Conferencing and Interact with your students in real-time. Enjoy the new type of lesson — web conferencing and enhance the level of your online collaborations with Masterstudy!

MasterStudy Mobile LMS App (Separate Service)

The learning app compatible with LMS website is probably one of the most popular requests of people. And today it is finally available for you. A powerful, innovative and complete application — MasterStudy Mobile LMS App corresponds to the highest level of quality and enables our customers to create beautiful apps compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. In order to get an app see this lms mobile app service

Powerful MasterStudy LMS Backend Interface

MasterStudy LMS Backend is your key to successful course creation. LMS admin panel creates perfect conditions so you could enjoy the best experience ever. User-friendly and intuitive course builder, and extensive LMS settings successfully combine easiness of use, beautiful design and efficiency. Navigate and manage settings with ease, effortlessly find everything you need spending seconds on each step.

Course Creation

A combination of MasterStudy system and LMS plugin results in the biggest and primary advantage, i.e., easy course building. Besides the admin panel, instructors (if there are many) can build their own courses with the help of a frontend course builder.

Courses support different types of media files, variations of lesson types, FAQs section, prerequisites, and much more.

Google Classrooms

Our new feature allows you to import your classes from Google Classroom account to your MasterStudy website and manage your work remotely. This will help to structure and organize the process of distance learning and sharing of materials between teachers and students. With its help, every student will be able to enter directly to his class. Such a simple integration allows you to avoid possible mix-ups and make the transition to online smooth and easy.

User-Friendly Interface

One of the main advantages of MasterStudy is a simple interface. Everything is created for users’ convenience.

Website users will be able to add courses to the wishlist. They save classes they liked directly on the website and keep them for a later purchase. People also can rate courses. Once you enable a course rating system, learners can leave their rating opinion and help others to evaluate the content.

MasterStudy Reviews

One of the very helpful features that definitely attract more interest in your courses and website, in general, is the reviews. Reviews enable students to publish their impressions after taking the classes. Reviews are considered as social proof and give other visitors to the website a valuable insight into what you are offering.